3 Packs of Organic TEENS Mini Light Flow Pads with FAR-IR ANION Strip, 12 ct

3 Packs of Organic TEENS Mini Light Flow Pads with FAR-IR ANION Strip, 12 ct

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3 Packs of Organic TEENS Mini Light Flow Pads

+ Yellow FAR-IR ANION Strip with Tourmaline for protection against skin irritation & odor.
+ With air-laid cotton layer and nontoxic, biodegradable, super-absorbent material made in Japan for superior absorbency: absorbs up to 122 ml.
+ Breathable back layer to eliminate heat and humidity.
+ Non-toxic adhesive strips to stabilize the liner.
+ Individually sealed wrapper for safe carrying in your purse.
+ Unique package design keeps the pads from dirt and damp.

HYPOALERGENIC and ORGANIC - free of toxic chemicals and reproductive system disruptors, pH friendly to skin. Tested and certified by Oeko-Tex®, Made for Health®, VEGAN, dermatologically tested.

MAXIMUM THOROUGH PROTECTION against leaks from front-to-back and side-to-side with biodegradable super absorbent core, side walls, and wings (superior absorbency - up to 40 ml).
REDUCE ODOR AND MENSTRUAL DISCOMFORT. Patented and revolutionary FAR-IR ANION Strip with Tourmaline – natural protection against menstrual discomfort & odor.
ULTIMATE COMFORT – the pads so thin and breathable that you forget you having a period. Ventilated back layer eliminates heat and humidity; it is permeable to air but not liquid.
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Recommended use: Regular flow, also medium incontinence.

To use: Peel off the plastic wrapper, center the pad on your underwear with wider part facing back of panties, press it down, and fold the wings under your panties.

To dispose of: Remove the pad from your panties, wrap it in a bath tissue or in a pad wrapper, and dispose of into a waste bin.

The package is supposed to be recycled in plastic bin.


For women and girls with sensitive skin and tending to allergy
For women and girls with painful menstruation
For girls whom the first menstruation started
For women after birth because of slight incontinence
For women after gynecological surgeries

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.